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Step #1

Register Your FREE Trading Broker Account

Step #2

Follow Our Best Trading Signals Providers

Step #3

Copy & Paste Signals On Your Trading Platform

Register Your FREE Trading Account
You can test our 3 steps trading strategy and signals Completely FREE with a 10k demo account. To get started with real trading, just deposit some funds in your account and your good to go. The minimum deposit is only $250. 
The more funds you deposit, the more results you'll get! It's easy as that. 

*And don't worry, you can withdraw your trading balance at any time. We've tested and compared a lot of trading brokers for you. We only support and recommend this one to use with our strategy.
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Follow Best Trading Signals
Our Trading Signals Are Getting 80%-90% success Win Rates. These Exact Signals Has Been Used Since Years To Generate 7 Figures For Our Members. Just Copy and Paste Them In Your Trading Broker account and get profits on daily basis.
Copy & Paste Signals On Your Trading Platform
You can use your broker online or mobile platform to trade, but we like to use the MT4 (MetaTrader 4) app instead. you can download metaTrader 4 below:
First you need to download MT4 app on your smartphones or computer. Then you need to connect your broker account that you registered above in step #1 to your MT4 app so that you can start trading. Last step is to copy & paste the signals you receive from Telegram to MT4.

The signals look like this below. You have the pair to trade (AUD/USD), it says to buy or sell, in this case it's a sell at price (0.7148). You have TP1,2,3 (take profit) and the Stop Loss (SL 0.7313).
SELL 0.7148
TP1 0.7128
TP2 0.7098
TP3 0.7048
SL 0.7313

Exact Method To Place The Trades

  • Place Trades Buy Or Sell: As soon as you receive new signals on your Telegram App it's time to place the trades. The sooner you place the trade, the more accurate your results will be. Do not place trades too late as the price could have moved already a lot. Make sure the price is still around the signals price. (Above signal entry price is: 0.7148) . Pay attention to put the TP(take profit) and SL(stop loss) properly.
  • Move Stop Loss And TP1: Observe how the market moves, when the price arrives to hit TP1, change the SL (Stop Loss) to the entry price and change the TP to TP2 to get more profit. With this we secure our trades in case the market changes due to some unforeseen event.
  • ​Move Stop Loss And TP2: When the price is about to hit TP2, change the SL (Stop Loss) to the TP1 price and change the TP to TP3 to get even more profit.
  • ​Sit Back And Relax: If the price keeps going up you will be able to hit TP1, TP2 and TP3. If the price is turning back and hit your stop loss don't worry as we secured the trades by moving the stop loss to break even. The only time you may lose if when price doesn't hit TP1.
Risk management
Follow these simple risk management rules and you'll be good to go. We recommend to never risk over 2% to 5% of your account. To do that, we trade 0.01 lot for every $100 in our account. So if you have $1,000 in your account, you should trade with a 0,1 lot size to reduce the risk. That way you can place multiple trades per day and keep several active trades as well. And losing a 3% trade doesn't affect much your total trading account amount.

Example of lot sizes to use:

$100 account: 0.01 lot per trade
$250 account: 0.02 lot per trade
$500 account: 0.05 lot per trade
$1000 account: 0.10 lot per trade
$2500 account: 0.25 lot per trade
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